Holly & Sabrina

Lately I've been working on some very cool music videos for a variety of projects. Here is a taste of what's to come.

UNKNOWN COMPONENT - Based out of central Iowa, Unknown Component is the music project of Keith Lynch. The music video for "Holding Pattern" will drop on Tuesday, March 23.

Still from Unknown Component's "Holding Pattern".

CROWN LARKS - Currently on a month-long tour, Crown Larks are based out of Chicago, IL. The video I directed for "Chapels" is a collaboration with cinematographer Greg Reigh, dancers Holly Chernobyl Oakley and Sabrina Baranda, and painter Grace Cunniff. Expected release is in late April - early May of 2015. 

Still from Crown Larks's "Chapels".

There are a few very exciting things in the works, which I cannot reveal until the time has come to do so. Till then, keep up.

Family photo by Greg Reigh.

xx E