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Lately there has been some really wonderful press coming out on my photo and film work, as well as projects I have worked on. Today a photography feature on my work was published in the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography's weekly literary and photo magazine, Weekender

  Artist statement/1st page of CCLaP Feature

Artist statement/1st page of CCLaP Feature

You can download the whole magazine here by contributing $1.00 to help support the organization (you can download for free as well, but donating is good). 

  Feature in VAM Magazine

Feature in VAM Magazine

VAM Magazine recently came out with a wonderful feature on my work as part of their #VAMUNFILTERED series. See the full feature here. Or watch the video below!

Finally, VAM has just released the premiere of The Gnar Wave Rangers official music video for "Gucci Water Balloons", directed by Greg Stephen Reigh and shot by myself.

"In their new video, “Gucci Water Balloons” The Gnar Wave Rangers pay homage to the early days of music television; a simpler time, before the intrusion of tastefulness and high production value. A bastard child of early MTV and public access." 



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